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The Legacy of The Flying Scotsman: Celebrating 100 Years

The Legacy of The Flying Scotsman: Celebrating 100 Years

Today is February 24th 2023 marking the 100th anniversary of The Flying Scotsman, and to celebrate this milestone we’re looking back at the incredible legacy it has left behind.

Celebrating 100 Years Of The Flying Scotsman

From its introduction in 1923 and its inaugural run on 1 May of the same year, The Flying Scotsman has become an integral part of Britain’s railway network, connecting London and Edinburgh since its launch. To commemorate this milestone, we can look back and celebrate the legacy of this iconic train. We’ll explore how it has evolved over time, reflecting the changing needs of passengers both then and now.


The Flying Scotsman Steam Locomotive - New English Teas

A Brief History Of The Famous Steam Locomotive

The Flying Scotsman was built in Doncaster and was the first locomotive of the newly formed London & North Eastern Railway (LNER) and was designed by Sir Nigel Gresley. It first entered service in 1923, but was given the name 'The Flying Scotsman' in 1924 after the daily 10.00 London to Edinburgh route. It became famous for its record-breaking times as well as its elegant and iconic design. Today it remains a recognisable symbol of rail heritage in Britain, and continues to be celebrated around the world.

Iconic Journeys Across The Country

The Flying Scotsman has become synonymous with making record-breaking journeys across the country. It was the first locomotive to reach speeds of 100mph and during its time, completed several notable cross-country runs, including the first non-stop trip between London's Liverpool Street Station and Edinburgh's Waverley Station on 1st May 1928. This incredible journey took 8 hours and was achieved in spectacular fashion.

Bringing Tourists From Around The World To Scotland

The immense fame and public popularity of the Flying Scotsman have helped to make it a global brand. Throughout its time, it has attracted tourists from around the world to come and witness the remarkable sight for themselves, drawn in by its majestic beauty, strength and historical significance. To this day people travel great distances, near and far, just to get a glimpse of this incredible machine in action.

Preserving A National Heritage For Future Generations

The Flying Scotsman is not only a pillar of Britain’s rich railway history, but a treasured national icon. To ensure its legacy lives on, the locomotive is preserved by the National Railway Museum in York, where it is on display for visitors to see. The museum works tirelessly to maintain the locomotive and to ensure that it remains a vital part of the country's heritage for many years to come so that future generations can experience the same wonderment and excitement as the passengers who have gone before them.


To commemorate the centenary there is an extensive programme of events throughout the year. Visit to find out more.


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