Our Tea


New English Teas are grown in the western hills of Sri Lanka and the mountainous regions of India, over 2000 to 4000 feet in altitude. They're lovingly handpicked and blended to perfection before they make their way into our collections of wonderfully memorable tea tins and caddies.


The most widely consumed tea blends in England are English Breakfast and English Afternoon tea. They were named so due to their popularity and are synonymous with the quintessential English tea-drinker.

These names refer to a group of tea blends – full-bodied and rich in aroma. Where the origin is different, so is the subtlety of the flavour. Nevertheless, our teas are all carefully crafted by a master blender so you can be certain of the quality.

Making The Grade

Our blends are carefully crafted from the perfect balance of grades to deliver the flavour and colour we expect in our cup. Many English Tea brands use lower-grade 'dust' in their teabags which brews fast and strong. We use higher-grade Broken Orange Pekoe Fannings (BOPF) and high-grade dust (D1 & PD) to create an infusion that's robust but elegant in flavour. And that's just for our English Breakfast Tea.

Our Teabags

We are focused on sustainability and reducing our environmental impact, and we're proud that almost all of our teabags are plastic free. Because our teabags are made from 100% pulp and are sealed with only heat, they can very occasionally come unstuck. We think that removing plastic is a trade worth making, but rest assured we'll always replace any leaky teabags, free of charge.